Artist Statement

I live in a small house. I hang my paintings on the walls. That way, I gain more perspectives. I love the kind of art that makes me use my body, my heart and my brain. That kind of art frees and broadens my mind. And that is why I paint.

And I want my paintings to reach as many of you as possible. I want my paintings to inspire and stimulate your imagination. I want my paintings to sound like music to your ears. I want you to look at my paintings many times every day. Each time with a different frame of mind and a completely different experience.

I have worked with many different mediums; drawing, printmaking, oil painting, acrylic and watercolor. I find acrylic and oil most rewarding. Acrylic dries fast and I can keep painting like playing music. Oil gives me a different tempo. These are the two mediums that best capture the harmony and energy of music.

All living things have heat and movements that can be felt, not just seen. I often use my hands when I paint so I can give my heat and energy directly to my paintings.

I finish my paintings with resin coating. Varying resin coat thickness and the refraction of light create various rhythms and harmony.

A viewer-you become the main character because you are using the imagination of your own, no one else’s. Connection between people triggered by paintings lead to unexpected and most wonderful consequences. Can you imagine that?